Thursday, December 10, 2009

Procedural Writing: How to Make Latkas!

The amazing writers in Miss Lipsky's English and Language Arts class are beginning a new writing genre: Procedural Writing. Procedural Writing or "How-to" writing is a great way for you to show your expert skills at completing a task. We just finished our holiday play, Once on a House Top, which featured the brilliant song "Lotsa Latkas", so Miss Lipsky decided to do her procedural writing piece on how to make potato pancakes or latkas!

The two videos below show the step by step process of how to make latkas. Which video would you choose to use if you were making latkas? Are the directions in one video easier to follow?

For the second video please cick on this link and use the fast forward arrows (located at the top right corner of the video) until you see the "How to make Latkas" video.


  1. WOW thats how you make a latka :) faith:)

  2. Thanks it is a wonderful guide, now to make latkas! is without a doubt easy utilizing your guidance. Thanks


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