Saturday, November 21, 2009

Float Sink Boat Results

Ross/Russell Homeroom Boats

Lipsky/Timmons Homeroom Boats


  1. hi that was a awesome lab can we do it again from alyssa

  2. What a fun project this was! Love, Chloe

  3. I was out sick the week the students made boats and predicted whether they would sink or float, but I tried it tonight with some cardboard and it floated. But, then I left it in for a couple of minutes and then it sunk. I think it sunk because cardboard is like paper and water sinks right through it.

    From a kid in your class,

  4. i just love seeing what the boats did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. THAT WAS THE BEST LAB EVER:) I had the hot dog boat.Did anyone like it? I liked everone's they were so created when I touched the play doh ond it was mooshy . thank's Mrs.Ross and Mrs.Russel for leting us do that lab and congraition Jaleb for getting the teachers boat

  6. You all did such a great job with the boats! We have a few more fun projects ready for you in January. :)

  7. I LOVED THAT LAB:) please please can we do that again one day Faith:)


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