Sunday, October 18, 2009

Science Time!

Our super scientists have been working hard on our matter unit. We have done many fun labs and learned a lot of cool things. Check out one of the lessons we did in class below. (Thank you Mrs. Holtsman for always being ready with the video camera!)

2nd Grade Science - Matter 10-09 from Melanie Holtsman on Vimeo.

For more research at home, check out these links:

Check out any of the sites above and leave us a comment for some class money! :)


  1. I like when I sat on the ice cube then put it in my armpit! I thought it was funny. I just did the link you have on ice and water and am showing my mom what we are learning.
    Chloe L.

  2. I liked trying to melt the ice cube under my chair in class. My favorite game I just played was the one where I had to melt the ice cube then turn it into steam again.

    Karson L.

  3. I liked the video about matter and how matter changes with temperature. They compare it to sports too which I really like.

    Davis G.

  4. Dear mrs ross and miss Russle.Thank you for being my teacher and i am looking forward to see you next year!!!! Love Alexandra


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