Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calendar Math

Calendar Math is a big part of our math block each day. Here is a lesson from September:

Calendar Math September 09 from Melissa Ross on Vimeo.

What is your favorite part of Calendar Math?


  1. Love it! Keep up the great work ladies!
    Love, Wanda Lankford

  2. I love the video. Calendar math is fun!

    Megan W.

  3. I like our daily analogy and inequality!!!
    Math is my favorite subject.
    Lovin' Math,
    Julianna C.

  4. Lovin Math Every Day Its My Second Favorite Subject At School Analogy's Are My FAVORITE Part Math

    P.S.Sounded Funny When We Were Singing Are Calender Math Song.Sounds Better NOT On Camera...


  5. Math is my favorite subject (don't tell Mrs. Timmons, because I like Reading and Writing, too). I really like Calendar Math especially writing in expanded form. I showed my mom and my dad how to write in expanded form, and we watched your video. Love, Carter

  6. Calendar Math is the best because I like using the white boards for expanded form and stuff. It makes math fun!

    Davis G.


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