Friday, April 29, 2011

Southwest Region

This coming week, we will be moving into the Southwest Region of the United States. The states students will learn about include: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma. Check out the links below to help you study!

1. All about the SouthWest
2. Southwest Interactive Games
3. Find that State Game (from last week)
4. A Little Stretch: All US Games


  1. i learned that theres 4 states in the sw(southwest)

  2. Hey its Alexandra and Garrett!!!!!!!!!!! The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous wonders on earth

  3. Houstin,Texas is the largest city in Texas

  4. Dear Mrs.Ross,
    We found out that the grand canyon is famous
    natural wonders on Earth!

    Marcella and Dylan

  5. I will miss you when you move! Thanks for being our Teacher Mrs. Ross

  6. hey i was reading books and did you know there
    is a type of horse called oldenburg?


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