Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gravity in 3, 2, 1... ACTION!

Did you know that along with math, science, and social studies standards there are also technology standards that we are hard at work teaching your child? We did a culminating gravity project in which students had to create a "Bill Nye" style video to share gravity in action on the playground. Students wrote all of their own scripts, directed, and filmed everything themselves. Because it was the student's first experience using our new class set of iPods to video, we let them off the hook with the video editing. Next time, our students will be producing the entire product through video editing the product and sharing it via their personal iGoogle accounts. (How exciting!)

We want our students to be exposed to many different types of technology and feel comfortable using it on their own. We are helping to prepare them for a workforce in which technology will be a vital part of their daily work. Some of the technology standards we worked on with this project include: communicating and collaborating to produce original work, processing data and reporting results, understand and use technology systems, and as always being a good digital citizen. Technology standards we are moving towards include selecting applications effectively and productively, troubleshooting systems and applications, and transferring current knowledge to learning of new technologies.

Because this is the first time students had a chance to video all on their own, the video clip may not have turned out just right. We are using this as a learning experience for our next filming adventure. If your child's video is not part of their homeroom's project, the video either did not record (we had some students realize when they got back inside that they forgot to push "record") or your child was absent. Not to worry, we will have other opportunities to film this year.

Presenting the Lipsky & Timmons Homeroom Students

Lipsky Timmons Homeroom Gravity Video from Melissa Ross on Vimeo.

Presenting the Russell & Ross Homeroom Students

Russell Ross Homeroom Gravity Video from Melissa Ross on Vimeo.

Thank you Mrs. Holtsman for lending a helping hand! We appreciate all of your help! :)

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  1. Very, very cool! I love to see all that the students are learning and gravity and using technology to share their knowledge with others! Fantastic


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