Saturday, September 25, 2010

We LOVE Our New Laptops!

The TRRL kiddos (and teachers) have been loving the new laptops in Miss Russell and Mrs. Ross' classroom. One of our favorite activities on the laptops is to create digital science experiments such as growing plants through the use of Gizmos. Students have been working very hard to share the use of the computer with their partners. After several days of practicing, we are very proud of the students for being independent when it comes to retrieving, signing on, following directions and returning computers to their appropriate place!

We are excited to continue using these very valuable tools in our classroom! What is your favorite technology activity that we have done in class so far?


  1. I love you teachers!I want you next year! Caleb

  2. Carter came home and used the plant Gizmo to have Nanny and Gramps compete to see who could grow the tallest plant. Gramps was floored at the virtual learning!


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