Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Laptops

We successfully used our latops today for our first official science/technology lesson! Ask your child to tell you all about it!

On the right side of this blog under the headings "Our Favorite Math Sites" and "Our Favorite Science/SS Sites," we will be posting sites that we use in class. Check that area to access fun games as well as a digital copy of the science text we use in class.

We can't wait to share more technology news with you!! :)


  1. When listening to my kids "high/lows" on Friday, Parker's (of course) was that he got to use the laptops. He especially enjoyed the new Gizmos that were added in Math and Science.

  2. Piper said that her favorite part of today was going on the laptop. She especially enjoyed the "plant" Gizmo. Her record was 61.2 centimeters. Parker is on the Gizmo as we speak trying to beat her record.

  3. What incredible fun in the classroom!

    The Griffing Gang

  4. try the quilting bee gizmo ( hey, mrs. r, i learned how to do the happy face on the keyboard!!! )!!!

  5. This is so exciting! I got to hear all about it! You are so fortunate to have such wonderful resources :)

    Julianna's family

  6. i love the laptops because we get to lern more stuff alyssa


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