Monday, February 8, 2010

Timeline Project

Our first Social Studies project has arrived. As we focus more on our families and communities, it is time for one of our favorite projects, the Birthday Timeline Project, due Wednesday, February 17, 2010. For this project, there are two options. The first option is a technology timeline. The second option is a paper timeline. (Construction paper will be provided by your teacher.) Both options weigh the same when graded, so please be sure your child chooses a project and he or she can work on mostly by him/herself.

Great links for technology time lines include: timetoast or dipity. We have also had students create timelines in PowerPoint in the past as well. If a technology timeline is created, it must be printed or email to us so your child can share it in class. No timelines will be posted on our class blog for student safety.

The focus for this project is for your child to create a timeline of his or her life up to this point, using certain key elements or landmarks on the timeline. Most requirements are the same for both timeline choices: a timeline should be created with the dates of each birthday until the current birthday, write two sentences about at least 3 of your birthdays, add at least 5 important events that happened in your life (they do not have to occur on birthdays) and write 2 sentences about each event, and at least 4 pictures (drawn or from a camera) to go with any event on your timeline. Make sure to include the date anytime there is a new event.

Ideas for special events include (but certainly are not limited to) first day of school, big vacations, lost your first tooth, sibling born, moved, or a big event like an accident or a surprise.


  1. C.L.'s timeline:

  2. Thats a good timeline CL. From Karson

  3. I was so happy that you mentioned the timeline a few days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We have had a great time making this timeline. It is so fun to take out pictures from when J was little and stroll down memory lane. They grow up too fast :( We really liked using Timetoast too, what a great tool. Thanks!

  5. Mrs.Ross,
    I just wanted to say that i checked out the weather wiz kids website. It's really cool! I am excited to go to school today!

  6. Mrs ross,
    I wanted to say Hi once again. I am gonna check out the other weather websites. Chelsea


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