Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Combinations Club

This year, we will be focusing on becoming fluent with the addition combinations up to 10 + 10. In second grade, students learn these combinations over the course of the year. Combination sets include:

Make Ten (combinations of 10 with two numbers like 8 + 2)
Plus 1 (any number plus one like 1 + 8)
Plus 2 (any number plus two like 3 + 2)
Doubles (any number plus itself like 5 + 5)
Near Doubles (any number close to a double like 5 + 6)
Plus 10 (any number added to 10 like 3 + 10)
Plus 9 (any number added to 9 like 3 + 9)

Students will learn these combinations through frequent and repeated use. In school, we will be playing several games that help students learn particular combinations. Students will also play some of these games for homework, such as Plus 1 or 2 Bingo and Make 10.

We will also be using “Combinations Cards” to help students practice. We are not encouraging students to memorize these combinations! We are encouraging students to find efficient ways to solve the combinations. For example, look at the sample cards below:

We want to encourage students to efficiently (quickly and accurately) solve basic addition combinations. We are doing this by having students think of clues to help them solve the combinations. They may write the clues on their practice cards to help them. For example, if they are familiar with the double combination of 6+6, they may choose to look at 6+7 as one more than 6+6. If they are more familiar with the combination 7+7, they may choose to look at the combination as 7+7-1. There are many different ways to look at these combinations. Again, we are stressing that we are NOT looking for memorization, but efficiency and problem solving.

When your child is comfortable with a set of Combinations Club cards, he or she will receive a new set. (Often students will be asked to explain their thinking aloud on certain cards.) If they are still having difficulty with a set of cards, you will see them sent home again. If we feel they have mastered the concepts presented in those cards, a new set will be sent home. Please add the new set of cards to the previous set of cards, and keep practicing. Write any clues on the front of the cards that may help remember the combinations.

Check out the clip below of some second graders from last year:

Have you worked on your combinations cards tonight?


  1. I worked on clues tonight.


  2. MW worked on her science and math. I liked when we worked on crafts and smell stuff and do experiments. :)

  3. I have been liking calendar math. I especially like the equations we do after the calendar.

  4. I like the doubles and they`re soooooo easy

    Davis [Alise]

  5. I like when we mix oil and water, it was awsome! sincerly, Elisabeth

  6. i like wen we did the science package. and i pratest the weekly-words tonight. :)

  7. I like wen I fownd mony in the bapak

  8. I like wen we do calider math nathan


  10. OMG!!! OMG!!! Hi Miss Lipsky! It's Jhadae!!! I Reeeeeeeaaaaaallllly miss u and Ms. Symons, Mrs. Wallace, Miss Wickert, Mrs. Stevens, and Mrs. Matthews!! Oh my gosh! Middle days go by sooo fast! Each of our class periods is only 45 minutes. It's like a few minutes after 1st period ur headed 2 lunch! Lol! Gym is kinda fun. We don't do much. Wow, time is going by fast! I've already been thru my 1st peer pressure stage and everything! :-) It's like yesterday I was chillaxin' with u and the rest of the "Lipsky Crew"! Anyway, it's been SUPER great talkin' to u! Tell ur new class I said HEY! Peace Out!!! P.S. PLEEEZ tell Ms. K.K. is said HI and that I miss her sooo much!!.. And Mrs. Phillips!

  11. this is sooooooooo fun!!!!!! love payton

  12. MY FAVORITe things about math are story problems. From Chloe L


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